All pieces are carefully made by hand and polished to achieve their beautiful glisten.
Through normal wear, your pieces will move with you and eventually start to show some age.


What to do

Over time, sterling silver will develop a dark patina from your skin's natural oils.  If you choose, it is easy to remove with your polishing cloth with some pressure along the piece.  Otherwise it is perfectly safe to keep as is. 

If you ever want to clean your sterling silver jewellery (pieces without gemstones, as some stones can be sensitive to hot/cold temperatures and baking soda) - follow this step by step guide for my favourite cleaning technique HERE.

Gold is prized for its ability to resist tarnish. It will rarely need polishing, but it will add some extra sparkle to your piece after prolonged wear. 

Store your jewellery in a safe place with cotton and other natural materials, particularly away from sunlight and in a dry place. 


What to avoid

While sterling silver and gold are pretty resilient, they can be sensitive towards prolonged exposure to different chemicals, for example perfume, detergents, nail polish remover etc, so removing your pieces when using these will help keep them damage free.

Use caution when handling abrasives as they can scuff the polished finish of your jewellery.


We are happy to repair or repolish any pieces you have purchased from us.  Please contact us and include photos if you are interested retouches for your beloved pieces.