Cleaning your tarnished jewellery

You will need

1 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp sea salt
1/2 cup white vinegar


Line a glass bowl with aluminum foil, big enough so that a few pieces can fit into the bowl at the same time.

Boil water - you need about 1 cup.


When the water boils

Add the dry ingredients to the bowl and slowly pour the vinegar on top (as it will react with the baking soda). 

Pour the boiling water into the bowl and place inside your jewellery!



The magic begins 

When you drop the pieces in, it should fizz a bit more around them.

As they bubble, you will smell a sulfurous odor from the mix. 

I find they need to sit about 15 seconds but more time is totally normal.



Extra bits

Pull out the pieces and see how they look. They will appear more silver in colour and the tarnish will come off.

You can take them out and wash them with water and dry them off.

I sometimes find as you keep putting in more pieces, it won't bubble as much so you can keep adding more baking soda to the bowl to increase strength.

Linked is the original article I always refer to when cleaning my silver